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Job Description:

  • 1) Plans and conducts engineering studies to analyze and evaluate pollution problems, methods of pollution control, and methods of testing pollution sources to determine physiochemical nature and concentration of contaminants: Reviews data collected by POLLUTION-CONTROL TECHNICIAN from pollution emission sources.

  • 2) Performs engineering calculations to determine pollution emissions from various industrial sources and to evaluate effectiveness of pollution control equipment.

  • 3) Reviews compliance schedules and inspection reports to ensure compliance with pollution control regulations.

  • 4) Recommends issuance or denial of permits for industries to construct or operate facilities.

  • 5) Advises enforcement personnel of noncompliance or unsatisfactory compliance with regulations.

  • 6) Develops or modifies techniques for monitoring pollution.

  • 7) Calibrates and adjusts pollution control monitors to ensure accurate functioning of instruments.

  • 8) May be designated according to specialty as Air-Pollution Engineer; Noise-Abatement Engineer; Water Quality-Control Engineer.




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End Of Job Description for: "POLLUTION-CONTROL ENGINEER"
DOT:   019.081-018

Job Number: 7694