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Job Description:

  • 1) Diagnoses and treats diseases and deformities of human foot: Diagnoses foot ailments, such as tumors, ulcers, fractures, skin or nail diseases, and congenital or acquired deformities, utilizing diagnostic aids, such as urinalysis, blood tests, and x-ray analysis.

  • 2) Treats deformities, such as flat or weak feet and foot imbalance, by mechanical and electrical methods, such as whirlpool or paraffin baths and short wave and low voltage currents.

  • 3) Treats conditions, such as corns, calluses, ingrowing nails, tumors, shortened tendons, bunions, cysts, and abscesses by surgical methods, including suturing, medications, and administration of local anesthetics.

  • 4) Prescribes drugs.

  • 5) Does not perform foot amputations.

  • 6) Corrects deformities by means of plaster casts and strappings.

  • 7) Makes and fits prosthetic appliances.

  • 8) Prescribes corrective footwear.

  • 9) Advises patients concerning continued treatment of disorders and proper foot care to prevent recurrence.

  • 10) Refers patients to physician when symptoms observed in feet and legs indicate systemic disorders, such as arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, or kidney trouble.

  • 11) May treat bone, muscle, and joint disorders and be designated Podiatrist, Orthopedic; childrens foot diseases and be designated Podopediatrician.

  • 12) May perform surgery and be designated Podiatric Surgeon.




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