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Job Description:

  • 1) Tends automatic equipment that conveys objects through series of cleaning, rinsing, and electrolytic plating solutions to plate objects with metallic coating: Starts equipment and regulates flow of electricity through plating solution and immersion time of objects in solutions, according to specifications.

  • 2) Monitors automatic plating process to ensure conformance to standards.

  • 3) Adds water or other materials to maintain specified mixture and level of cleaning, rinsing, and plating solutions.

  • 4) Observes temperature gauges and adjusts controls to maintain specified temperatures of cleaning and rinsing solutions.

  • 5) Lubricates moving parts of plating conveyor.

  • 6) Cleans plating and cleaning tanks.

  • 7) May test plating solution, using hydrometer and litmus paper, or obtain random sample of plating solutions for laboratory analysis.

  • 8) May replace anodes and cathodes in plating equipment.

  • 9) May fasten objects onto hooks or racks, or place objects into containers or onto conveyor attached to plating equipment.

  • 10) May start and monitor computerized plating process.

  • 11) May manually immerse objects into plating or rinsing solutions.




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