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Job Description:

  • 1) Removes and repairs surface defects in steel plates, using hammer and chisel, portable power grinder, and arc welding machine: Determines method required for reconditioning plate based upon examination of plate or following instructions of supervisory personnel.

  • 2) Chips out rolled-in scale from plate, using hammer and chisel, or grinds overfills to plate level, using portable electric grinder.

  • 3) Fills in depressions or chipped out areas of plate, using arc welding machine.

  • 4) Brushes welded area to remove flux, using wire brush, and grinds filled in area to remove excess metal and to smooth plate, using portable electric grinder.

  • 5) Reworks plate to meet standards as directed by inspection personnel.

  • 6) Stamps or marks identification on plate, using steel dies, hammer, or chalk.

  • 7) Attaches sling to plate and crane hook and signals worker operating crane to lift and position plate on or remove plate from workbench.




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DOT:   819.664-010

Job Number: 7570