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Job Description:

  • 1) Forms plaster molds, used to make metal castings, using molder's handtools, patterns, and flasks: Mixes plaster powder and water according to specified formula.

  • 2) Places cope and drag on molding table.

  • 3) Places drag half of pattern in drag.

  • 4) Pours liquid plaster into drag, removes excess plaster, using straightedge, and allows mold to harden.

  • 5) Assembles cope half of pattern to drag half of pattern in mold.

  • 6) Places cope on drag and makes depressions in plaster around drag pattern to ensure accurate joining of mold halves for casting.

  • 7) Brushes parting agent on surfaces of mold, pattern, and flask, and pours liquid plaster into cope.

  • 8) Separates cope and drag after specified time and removes pattern.

  • 9) Repairs cracks and broken edges of mold, using molder's handtools, such as spoon, trowel, and slick.

  • 10) May cut gates and risers in mold after mold is baked.

  • 11) May position cores in drag and assemble mold.

  • 12) May pour molten metal into molds, using hand ladle.

  • 13) Makes plaster cores by pouring plaster in core box and clamping box shut.

  • 14) May cast plaster molds from rubber molds, spraying parting agent on mold face and pouring plaster into drag and cope.




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