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Job Description:

  • 1) Propagates plants, such as orchids and rhododendrons, applying knowledge of environmental controls and plant culture: Confers with management personnel to ascertain type and number of species to propagate and to develop and revise nutrient formulas and environmental-control specifications.

  • 2) Selects materials according to kind of plant; mixes growth media; and prepares containers, such as jars, pots, and trays.

  • 3) Initiates new plant growth, using methods such as following: Cuts leaves, stems, or rhizomes from parent plant and places cuttings in growth media.

  • 4) Bends, covers, or buries branches of parent plant in soil, securing branches with pegs or rocks.

  • 5) Wounds stems of parent plant, using sharp knife, inserts pebble into wound, and binds wound with moss, burlap, or raffia.

  • 6) Plants meristem and seeds in growth media.

  • 7) Breaks off or cuts apart and plants roots, crowns, and tubers from parent plant.

  • 8) Inspects growing area to ascertain temperature and humidity conditions, and regulates systems of heaters, fans, and sprayers to ensure conformance with specifications.

  • 9) Gives transplanting and cultivation instructions to coworkers, and monitors activities to assure adherence to established plant-culture procedures.

  • 10) May graft or divide developing plants to promote altered growth characteristics.

  • 11) May log activities, maintain propagation records, and compile periodic reports.




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