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Job Description:

  • 1) Conducts research in nature, cause, and control of plant diseases and decay of plant products: Studies and compares healthy and diseased plants to determine symptoms of diseased condition.

  • 2) Inoculates healthy plants with culture of suspected agents taken from diseased plants and studies effects to determine agents responsible for disease.

  • 3) Isolates disease-causing agent, studies habits and life cycle, and devises methods of destroying or controlling agent.

  • 4) Studies rates of spread and intensity of disease under different conditions of soil, climate, and geography, and predicts outbreaks of plant diseases.

  • 5) Determines kinds of plants and insects that harbor or transmit disease.

  • 6) Studies losses from deterioration of perishable plant products in transit or storage and develops practices to prevent or reduce losses.

  • 7) Determines presence of disease producing agents in seed stocks to reduce losses from seed borne diseases.

  • 8) May specialize in type of plant affected, such as cereal crops, fruit, or forest trees, or by type of disease, such as bacterial, virus, fungus, mycoplasma, or nematode.

  • 9) May inspect flower and vegetable seeds and flowering bulbs for diseases, infections, and insect injuries.




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