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Job Description:

  • 1) Cares for ornamental plants on various customer premises, applying knowledge of horticultural requirements, and using items such as insecticides, fertilizers, and gardening tools: Reads work orders and supply requisitions to determine job requirements, and confers with supervisor to clarify work procedures.

  • 2) Loads plants and supplies onto truck in order of scheduled stops, using handtruck.

  • 3) Drives truck to premises and carries needed supplies to work area.

  • 4) Examines plants and soil to determine moisture level, using water sensor gauge, and waters plants according to requirements of species, using hose and watering can.

  • 5) Sponges plant leaves to apply moisture and remove dust.

  • 6) Observes plants under magnifying glass to detect insects and disease, and consults plant care books or confers with supervisor to identify problems and determine treatments.

  • 7) Selects and applies specified chemical solutions to feed plants, kill insects, and treat diseases, using hose or mist-sprayer.

  • 8) Transplants root-bound plants into larger containers.

  • 9) Pinches and prunes stems and leaves to remove dead and diseased leaves, to shape plants, and to induce growth, using shears.

  • 10) Removes diseased and dying plants from premises and replaces them with healthy plants.

  • 11) Informs customer of plant care needs.

  • 12) Enters record of actions taken at each stop in route book and prepares requisitions for materials needed on subsequent visit.

  • 13) Returns diseased, dying, and unused plants and supplies to employer premises.




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