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Job Description:

  • 1) Moves metal molds containing wet concrete from pipemaking machine to steam-cooking area, using industrial truck or handtruck, and removes mold from concrete: Hooks pickup arms attached to frame of handtruck under lugs on sides of standing metal mold, and lifts and removes filled mold from pipemaking machine.

  • 2) Pushes truck to steam-cooking area and lowers mold to standing position on floor.

  • 3) Unclamps and removes mold halves by hand.

  • 4) Places mold halves around metal bottom stand and snaps clamps shut to reassemble mold.

  • 5) Places empty mold on floor near CONCRETE-PIPE-MAKING-MACHINE OPERATOR.

  • 6) Shovels spilled concrete into return hopper or floor opening.




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End Of Job Description for: "PIPE STRIPPER"
DOT:   575.687-026

Job Number: 7499