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Job Description:

  • 1) Installs oil, air, fuel, and water lines on diesel engines, using blueprints and process documents to determine pipe size, location of connection, and angles of bends: Cuts pipe and bends to specified angle, using tube bending machine.

  • 2) Brazes connections to pipe, using holding fixtures and gas furnace.

  • 3) Bolts pipe to pipe supports on engine, using wrenches.

  • 4) Brazes or welds pipe to engine, using acetylene and arc welding equipment.

  • 5) May visually estimate angles and bend small pipe and tubing to conform to curvature of engine, using bending fixtures and handtools.

  • 6) May fabricate piping for stock.

  • 7) May replace worn or broken pipes on diesel engines.




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Job Number: 7493