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Job Description:

  • 1) Pilots submersible craft to conduct research in fields of oceanography or marine biology, test capabilities and performance of craft and auxiliary equipment, or perform underwater activities, such as exploration, mapping, photography, or construction, salvage or rescue work: Plans and develops operational procedures or techniques in order to investigate and test theories, or carry out specific underwater activities.

  • 2) Conducts predive operational tests on craft, life support systems, and other equipment.

  • 3) Pilots and controls craft to carry out mission in accordance with operational plans.

  • 4) Conducts scientific tests on effect of underwater life, life support systems, and habitats on human or other animals.

  • 5) Performs maintenance and repair on underwater facilities, well-heads, or pipelines.

  • 6) Carries out specific salvage or rescue operations.

  • 7) May perform activities outside of craft, using scuba equipment.

  • 8) May prepare technical reports or provide data for use by scientific or engineering personnel.




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