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Job Description:

  • 1) Operates keyboard of automatic phototypesetting machine to photographically print type matter onto film or strips of photosensitive paper to prepare positives or paper flats for making printing plates: Loads roll of photosensitive paper or film into camera magazine, positions magazine on machine, and pulls lever to open exposure slot.

  • 2) Starts typesetting mechanism.

  • 3) Turns dial to select lens and regulate gear that controls size of matrix letter, exposure, and light intensity, or moves selector levers, depresses keys or control buttons to select style and size of type.

  • 4) Depresses keys of keyboard to select foto mats for printing onto photopaper or film.

  • 5) Cuts photopaper with knife to separate exposed portion.

  • 6) Removes exposed photopaper or film from magazine for developing.

  • 7) May perform routine maintenance and adjustments on machine, using handtools.




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