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Job Description:

  • 1) Photographs subjects, using still cameras, color or black-and-white film, and variety of photographic accessories: Selects and assembles equipment according to subject material, anticipated conditions, and knowledge of function and limitations of various types of cameras, lenses, films, and accessories.

  • 2) Views subject and setting and plans composition, camera position, and camera angle to produce desired effect.

  • 3) Arranges subject material, poses subject, or maneuvers into position to take candid photo.

  • 4) Estimates or measures light level, using light meter or creates artificial lighting with flash units, lights, and lighting equipment.

  • 5) Adjusts lens aperture and shutter speed based on combination of factors, such as lighting, depth of field, subject motion, and film speed.

  • 6) Determines subject-to-lens distance, using tape measure, range finder, ground glass, or reflex viewing system to adjust focus.

  • 7) Positions camera and trips shutter to expose film.

  • 8) May calculate variables, such as exposure time, exposure interval, filter effect, and color temperature using tables, standard formulas, and mechanical or electronic measuring instruments.

  • 9) May make adjustments to camera, lens, or equipment to compensate for factors, such as distorted perspective and parallax.

  • 10) May design, build, arrange, or secure properties and settings to be used as background for subject material.

  • 11) May direct activities of other workers.

  • 12) May mix chemicals, process film and photographic paper, and make contact and enlarged prints.

  • 13) May spot and retouch prints and negatives.

  • 14) May conceive and plan photographic sequence for effective presentation.

  • 15) May specialize in particular type of photography, such as illustrative, fashion, architectural, or portrait.

  • 16) May be required to have detailed knowledge of use and characteristics of various types of film, including specialty films, such as infrared.




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