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Job Description:

  • 1) Photographs variety of subject material to illustrate or record scientific data or phenomena, utilizing knowledge of scientific procedures and photographic technology and techniques: Plans methods and procedures for photographing subject material and setup of equipment required, such as microscopes, telescopes, infrared or ultraviolet lighting, and x ray.

  • 2) Sets up and positions camera for photographing material or subject.

  • 3) Trips shutter to expose film.

  • 4) May prepare microscope slides.

  • 5) May make photographic copies of fragile documents and other material.

  • 6) May engage in research to develop new photographic procedures, methods, and materials.

  • 7) May process film and photographic paper to produce transparencies, prints, slides, and motion picture film.

  • 8) Usually specializes in specific field, such as chemistry, biology, medicine, metallurgy, physiology, astronomy, aerodynamics, ballistics, or engineering and is designated accordingly.




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