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Job Description:

  • 1) Exposes film or glass negatives or positives to artificial light to transfer image onto photosensitive metal plates used for printing, applying knowledge of photographic and layout techniques, using photographic equipment, handtools, and cutting machines: Washes plate to remove foreign matter, using brush, abrasive, and running water.

  • 2) Pours photosensitive solution onto face of plate and distributes solution evenly, using whirling machine.

  • 3) Positions sensitized plate in contact with photographic negative under vacuum frame and directs lights through negative for specified time to print image on sensitized coating of plate.

  • 4) Rolls ink onto face of plate or immerses plate in developing solution and washes with water to remove coating which has not been affected by light.

  • 5) Dusts ink-developed plates with protective powder and heats plates over gas flame to produce surface resistant to etching acid.

  • 6) Surprints line negatives over halftone print to introduce type or other solid matter and combines several subjects stripped to separate flats by successive printing onto plate in register.

  • 7) Cuts metal plates to size, using squaring shear, circle saw, or bandsaw.

  • 8) May mix chemicals.

  • 9) May strip negatives.




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