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Job Description:

  • 1) Studies effects of drugs, gases, dusts, and other materials on tissue and physiological processes of animals and human beings: Experiments with animals, such as rats, guinea pigs, and mice, to determine reactions of drugs and other substances on functioning of organs and tissues, noting effects on circulation, respiration, digestion, or other vital processes.

  • 2) Standardizes drug dosages or methods of immunizing against industrial diseases by correlating results of animal experiments with results obtained from clinical experimentation on human beings.

  • 3) Investigates preventative methods and remedies for diseases, such as silicosis and lead, mercury, and ammonia poisoning.

  • 4) Analyzes food preservatives and colorings, vermin poisons, and other materials to determine toxic or nontoxic properties.

  • 5) Standardizes procedures for manufacture of drugs and medicinal compounds.




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