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Job Description:

  • 1) Repairs percussion instruments, such as drums, cymbals, and xylophones: Removes drum tension rod screws and rods by hand or using drum key.

  • 2) Lifts rim hoop from drum shell and cuts drumhead from hoop.

  • 3) Cuts new drumhead from animal skin, using scissors.

  • 4) Soaks skin in water until it becomes pliable.

  • 5) Stretches skin over rim hoop and tucks it around and under hoop, using hand tucking tool.

  • 6) Reclamps rim hoop onto drum shell to allow drumhead to dry and become taut.

  • 7) Cuts out section around break in drum shells, and cuts new piece to fit, using power saw and handtools.

  • 8) Glues and clamps new piece in place.

  • 9) Removes dents in tympani, using steel-hitting block.

  • 10) Operates drill press or hand power drill to drill hole at inside end of crack in cymbal, gong, or similar instruments to prevent advance of crack, and cuts out section around crack, using shears or grinding wheel.

  • 11) Repairs bass drum and tympani foot mechanisms, and replaces percussion instrument hardware, such as tension rods and rim hoops, and xylophone and marimba bars and wheels as needed, using handtools.

  • 12) Performs other duties, such as sanding, painting, and cleaning drum shells, and regluing simulated pearl onto shells.

  • 13) May solder or weld frames of mallet instruments and metal drum parts.

  • 14) May lay out and shape laminated wood, and apply decorative trim to fabricate drum shells, using handtools, machine tools, blueprints, and shop drawings, and be designated Drum-Shell Maker.




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DOT:   730.381-042

Job Number: 7338