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Job Description:

  • 1) Plans, lays out, and constructs master full-scale models, forms, mockups, check jigs, and plaster patterns for casting master tooling used in manufacturing aeronautical and aerospace products, utilizing knowledge of plaster patternmaking, metal forming, and foundry practices and procedures, using precision instruments, tools, and equipment: Studies engineering tool design data, loft information, and blueprints to determine sequence of operations and to develop layout for constructing master model.

  • 2) Lays out, locates, and aligns steel skeletons and master contour templates on surface table or other base structure to form model frame, using precision measuring instruments and devices, such as micrometers, calipers, and transit.

  • 3) Forms plaster over template frame and hand finishes plaster to peripheral dimensions of contour templates, using scrapers, fairing tools, and other handtools.

  • 4) Verifies finished dimensions of master model, using precision instruments.

  • 5) Scribes butt, water, and station lines on master model to establish location points, reference lines, and contours for subsequent pattern casting.

  • 6) Casts plaster pattern from sections of master model, and recasts pattern to produce working patterns of contour templates, check templates, and related tooling.

  • 7) May fabricate master patterns, jigs, templates, or mockups from materials other than plaster, such as wax, plastic, and fiberglass.

  • 8) May cut out and fabricate flat contour templates from engineering or loft information.




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