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Job Description:

  • 1) Folds circular or rectangular parachutes preparatory to further processing, using any of following methods: Hangs circular parachute canopy on wall hook, prior to attachment of shroud lines, and folds canopy lengthwise along seams, one panel over another.

  • 2) Removes canopy from hook and rolls canopy from top to bottom.

  • 3) Spreads circular canopy on table, after shroud lines are attached, and straightens canopy and lines to eliminate wrinkles, tangles, or coils.

  • 4) Clamps shroud lines to table edge with vise, loops lines through hook in wall, and pulls lines taut.

  • 5) Splices loops in ends of shroud lines, using cotton twine.

  • 6) Folds canopy lengthwise along seams, one panel over another.

  • 7) Rolls canopy from top to bottom, removes shroud lines from hook, wraps lines around rolled canopy, and secures bundle with rubber bands.

  • 8) Folds rectangular canopy in half lengthwise and spreads canopy on table with shroud lines hanging over table edge.

  • 9) Folds canopy fanwise so that shroud lines are grouped together.

  • 10) Straightens lines to eliminate coils and tangles, and ties lines and flare suspension cords together.

  • 11) Cuts off excess line and cord ends, using scissors.

  • 12) Rolls canopy from top to bottom and wraps lines and cords around canopy.




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