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Job Description:

  • 1) Tends machine that winds paper or twisted paper cord from rolls onto adjustable reel and cuts it into specified lengths: Fastens roll of paper or cord into shaft supports.

  • 2) Wraps tape measure around reel and turns handcrank to move horizontal bars in or out to adjust circumference of reel.

  • 3) Removes tape and wraps paper or cord around horizontal bar of reel and secures in place with hooks.

  • 4) Depresses lever or throws switch to start reel, winding paper or cord from roll for specified number of revolutions.

  • 5) Stops machine and cuts through layers of paper or cord along groove in horizontal bar of reel with knife to make individual sheets of paper or pieces of cord.

  • 6) Removes paper from reel to handtruck.

  • 7) Ties cord into bundles.

  • 8) May wrap sheets of paper into bundles preparatory to shipping.




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End Of Job Description for: "PAPER-REEL OPERATOR"
DOT:   640.685-046

Job Number: 7201