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Job Description:

  • 1) Operates pantograph machine to transfer design in reduced form from zinc plate to varnished printing rollers: Moves stylus on tracing carriage through series of reference points on zinc plate, depresses pedal to lower diamond points to surface of roller, and observes alignment of diamond points with marks on roller to verify machine setup.

  • 2) Sets ground point into slot on ground wheel according to instructions on design sheet.

  • 3) Moves lever to lock tracing carriage in position for inscribing ground lines on surface of varnished roller.

  • 4) Rotates ground wheel to advance tracing carriage specified distance, depresses pedal to lower diamond points to roller surface, and moves stylus back and forth within outline on zinc plate to inscribe oblique ground lines on roller.

  • 5) Releases tracing carriage and guides stylus around outline on zinc plate to transfer outline to roller.

  • 6) Engages register point in appropriate slot on register wheel and adjusts dimension levers, using handtools to set up machine for inscribing subsequent repeats of pattern around circumference of roller.

  • 7) Transfers portions of design represented by different colors onto separate rollers.

  • 8) Paints over pinholes, scratches, and reference points left on roller by PANTOGRAPH SETTER, using brush and acid resistant paint.

  • 9) Marks register point on end of roller, using hammer and punch.




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Job Number: 7176