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Job Description:

  • 1) Performs duties as described under PAINTER, SPRAY I where coating of surface or product is required without need for finished appearance.

  • 2) Sprays manufactured articles on assembly line, or travels to work site to spray materials, such as waterproofing, adhesive, foam, or paint, onto surfaces of articles.

  • 3) May be designated according to article sprayed as Coil Sprayer; Mica-Parts Sprayer; Painter, Barrel; or according to coating applied as Enamel Sprayer II; Lacquer Sprayer II; Sizing Sprayer.

  • 4) May be designated: Dag Sprayer; Doper Operator; Lipcoat Sprayer; Painter, Blackwall Tire; Painter, Chassis; Painter, Electric Motor; Silicator; Special-Lining Applier; Spray Cementer; Sprayer; Tile Sprayer; Timber Sprinkler; Undercoat Sprayer; Waterproofer.




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End Of Job Description for: "PAINTER, SPRAY II"
DOT:   741.687-018

Job Number: 7134