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Job Description:

  • 1) Designs, lays out, and paints letters and designs to create signs, using measuring and drawing instruments, brushes, and handtools: Reads work orders to determine type of sign specified, work procedures, and materials required.

  • 2) Sketches design on paper, using drawing instruments, such as angles, rulers, and shading pencils.

  • 3) Lays out design on plastic, silk, or tin to prepare stencil, or on paper to draw pounce pattern, using measuring and drawing instruments.

  • 4) Sketches or follows pattern to draw design or lettering onto objects, such as billboards and trucks, using stencils and measuring and drawing instruments.

  • 5) Brushes paint, lacquer, enamel, or japan over stencil, or paints details, background, and shading to fill in outline or sketch of sign, using paintbrush or airbrush.

  • 6) When painting window signs, draws outline of sign on outside window, using chalk, or dusts pounce pattern to mark outline and paints inside of window following drawing or outline, using brush.

  • 7) When making gold or silver leaf signs, forms sign by either of following methods: Paints sign, positions leaf over fresh paint, and removes excess leaf after sign has dried, using cotton swab and knife blade.

  • 8) Paints inside of window with watersize, applies leaf, and paints sign in reverse on back of leaf, using paintbrush or airbrush.

  • 9) May cut out letters and apply background coating to construct and prepare signs, using tinning shears.

  • 10) May project layout image on paper and trace outline of design, using projector and electric needle.

  • 11) May specialize in maintenance of signs along railroad right-of-way and be designated Painter, Sign, Maintenance.




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