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Job Description:

  • 1) Tends machine that untwists and extracts water or chemicals from knit tubing after bleaching, washing, and dyeing, and applies finish to tubing preparatory to drying: Positions containers of wet knit tubing on turntable of machine.

  • 2) Turns thumbscrews to adjust width of spreader, according to specifications.

  • 3) Threads tubing through tension rollers and around spreader, and ties end of tubing to leader.

  • 4) Turns handwheel to regulate pressure on squeeze rollers.

  • 5) Turns valve to admit finishing solution into trough of machine.

  • 6) Starts machine and observes operation to detect twists in knit tubing.

  • 7) Revolves turntable from which tubing is fed to untwist tubing.

  • 8) Measures width of tubing with hand rule to verify conformance to standards.

  • 9) Doffs tubing from swing-folding attachment.

  • 10) May mix finishing solution, following formula.




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End Of Job Description for: "PAD-EXTRACTOR TENDER"
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Job Number: 7092