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Job Description:

  • 1) Packs agricultural produce, such as bulbs, fruits, nuts, eggs, and vegetables, for storage or shipment, performing any combination of following duties: Lines box, barrel, basket, carton, or crate with treated paper, cardboard, excelsior, or prepared padding, or inserts paper trays or separators in container.

  • 2) Places rows of produce in layers in containers, and inserts excelsior, shredded cellophane, or paper trays after each layer and over top layer of produce, or scoops produce into container.

  • 3) Wraps produce in treated paper, foil, or plastic film wrap before placing produce in container.

  • 4) Packs exposed top layer of produce, arranging produce in successive rows in container.

  • 5) Positions basket liner upside down over ring of produce on pallet and fills basket liner with specified amount of produce.

  • 6) Places basket upside down over filled liner on pallet.

  • 7) Pushes basket and pallet over conveyor rollers onto table of turning frame, clamps basket and pallet in place, and moves lever to turn basket upright.

  • 8) Fits lid on container and nails, wires, or tapes in place.

  • 9) Stamps grade, brand, and date of packing on container.

  • 10) Washes and trims produce, such as lettuce and carrots, preparatory to packing, working in warehouse or on harvesting machine in field.

  • 11) Sorts produce according to size, color, and grade before packing.

  • 12) May weigh packed produce and add or remove produce from container to obtain specified weight.

  • 13) May be designated Apple Packer; Basket Turner; Face-And-Fill Packer; Lettuce Trimmer; Ring Packer; Topper Packer; Apricot Packer; Avocado Packer; Boxer; Capper; Cherry Packer; Citrus-Fruit Packer; Crater; Crate Tier; Culled-Fruit Packer; Egg Packer; Fruit Packer, Face-And-Fill; Fruit Packer, Wrap-And-Place; Header; Lidder; Make-Up Market Worker, Truck Garden; Melon Packer; Mushroom Packer; Pear Packer; Plant Packer; Plant Wrapper; Plum Packer; Ring Facer; Seed Packer; Tobacco Packer; Tree Wrapper.




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End Of Job Description for: "PACKER, AGRICULTURAL PRODUCE"
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Job Number: 7074