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Job Description:

  • 1) Controls fractionating columns, compressors, purifying towers, heat exchangers, and related equipment to extract nitrogen and oxygen from air for industrial and therapeutic use: Turns valves in specified sequence to control flow of air through series of units that compress and liquefy it, remove carbon dioxide and impurities, and separate resulting product into nitrogen and oxygen.

  • 2) Observes pressure, temperature, level, and flow gauges to ensure standard operation.

  • 3) Tests oxygen for purity and moisture content at various stages of process, using burette and moisture meter.

  • 4) Adjusts equipment according to test results and knowledge of process and equipment.

  • 5) Opens valves to transfer liquid or gaseous oxygen through heat exchanger to cool air, to heat and vaporize liquid oxygen, and to store gaseous or liquid oxygen in storage tanks at specified temperature and pressure.

  • 6) Turns valves to transfer compressed oxygen to storage cylinders.

  • 7) Cleans and repairs equipment, such as replacing defective valves and removing carbon from valves, using handtools and airhose.

  • 8) Records gauge readings and test results.

  • 9) May open valves to convey hot nitrogen through alternate batteries of driers to remove moisture.

  • 10) May clean and refill drier with activated alumina.

  • 11) May operate equipment to extract, compress, and liquefy hydrogen from natural gas and be designated Liquid-Hydrogen-Plant Operator.




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