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Job Description:

  • 1) Sets up and operates variety of machines and equipment to fabricate ornamental metal products, such as light fixtures, church statuary, lamps, plaques, and metal artwork, following sketches, artistic and architectural drawings, models, written descriptions, and photographs: Interprets data to select materials, lay out reference points, and develop sequence of operations.

  • 2) Operates metal fabricating machines, such as shears, saws, brakes, bending machines, and punch and forming presses, to cut stock to size and bend stock to shape.

  • 3) Heats pieces in forge to working temperature, as indicated by color.

  • 4) Bends, twists, and hammers hot or cold workpieces to achieve specified shape and ornamental imprints, using jigs, scroll iron, twisting fork, vise, and selected peening hammers.

  • 5) Operates machine tools to turn, drill, and mill metal to specified dimensions.

  • 6) Hammers and peens sheets of metal to form designs, such as flowers or leaves.

  • 7) Chases castings to finish metal statuary and plaques.

  • 8) Welds, forge welds, brazes, solders, rivets, or bolts components together to assemble workpiece.

  • 9) Grinds, buffs, and polishes surface to desired finish.

  • 10) Fabricates or forges special jigs, tools, and peening hammers.

  • 11) May sculpture plaster patterns for ornamental castings.

  • 12) May hand paint finished items.

  • 13) May install finished product.

  • 14) May specialize in fabricating religious artwork and be known as Ecclesiastical-Art-Metal Worker.




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End Of Job Description for: "ORNAMENTAL-METAL WORKER"
DOT:   619.260-014

Job Number: 7008