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Job Description:

  • 1) Compiles purchase orders and product specifications to prepare worksheets used in assembly or manufacture of products: Compares customer purchase order with specifications to determine method of assembly or manufacture and materials needed.

  • 2) Records data, such as quantity, quality, type, and size of material, and expected completion date, on worksheet.

  • 3) Obtains documents, such as assembly instructions and blueprints, from files and attaches to worksheet.

  • 4) Routes worksheet and other assembly documents to specified department.

  • 5) May keep inventory of stock on hand and requisition needed material and supplies.

  • 6) May compile purchase order data, maintain stock and production records, and prepare production worksheets, using computer.

  • 7) May prepare worksheets pertaining to cloth printing and mixing of printing colors and be designated Formula Checker.

  • 8) May prepare worksheets and order steel stock for rolling mill and be designated Provider.

  • 9) May prepare work order and allocate silicon crystal ingots that meet customer specifications for use in manufacturing semiconductor wafers and be designated Allocations Clerk.

  • 10) May compile process specification sheets and prepare and issue materials for use in semiconductor crystal growing and be designated Production Material Coordinator.




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