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Job Description:

  • 1) Coats optical glass surfaces with silvering solutions to make mirrors used in optical instruments: Cleans glass specimens, using prescribed chemicals, and inspects to detect surface appearance defects.

  • 2) Mixes chemicals according to formula and pours solution into funnels.

  • 3) Positions glass under funnels and starts electric motor to agitate funnels and allow specified quantities of solution to distribute over surface of glass.

  • 4) Electroplates copper backing over silvering by immersing glass in electrolyte and passing electric current through solution according to standard procedure.

  • 5) Places plated glass in electric oven to dry for specified time.

  • 6) Marks outlines of specified dimensions on glass specimen, using milling machine.

  • 7) Removes excess silvering and copper, using hand scraper and solvents.




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End Of Job Description for: "OPTICAL-GLASS SILVERER"
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Job Number: 6969