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Job Description:

  • 1) Controls vacuum coating equipment to coat optical elements with chemical or metal film to alter reflective properties of elements: Reads work order to ascertain thickness of optical element and type coating material specified.

  • 2) Installs heating filament in coating machine according to type coating applied, using screwdriver.

  • 3) Fills crucible with coating material and positions crucible under heating filament.

  • 4) Secures optical element in jig and centers jig in vacuum chamber of machine to ensure uniform coating of optical surface.

  • 5) Places dome-shaped lid over jig or lowers lid equipped with window depending upon machine used.

  • 6) Starts machine that creates vacuum and releases chemicals or metal to form coating on optical element by process of sublimation or atomization.

  • 7) Observes changing colors of element through vacuum bell or through window in lid to determine when element is coated to specifications, or reads exposure meter to determine coating thickness.

  • 8) Applies and removes strip of cellophane to test adherence of coating to optical element.

  • 9) May immerse elements in chemical solution to clean elements.

  • 10) May operate ultrasonic vibrator to clean element.

  • 11) May inspect optical elements prior to coating to detect defects, such as blemishes, abrasions, and rough edges, using microscope.

  • 12) May cement optical elements together to form multiple laminated elements.

  • 13) May spray emulsion on lens preparatory to coating.




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