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Job Description:

  • 1) Locates and marks frames of motion picture film to identify film segments for optical effects processing: Reads work order or optical effects specifications sheets to ascertain optical effects specifications and location of subject material on original photography film.

  • 2) Mounts single or multiple rolls of film on spindles of winding device, locates marked start frame of film, and aligns start frame in start position of synchronizer-counter device to locate and identify film frames specified for optical effects.

  • 3) Turns crank on winding device to advance film and observes film passing over viewing light box to detect damage or unclean condition.

  • 4) Cleans film using cleaning solutions and velvet cloth.

  • 5) Repairs minor damage, such as torn sprocket holes, using tape.

  • 6) Periodically stops film when viewing more than one roll simultaneously and compares numbers printed on film edges to ensure synchronization of films.

  • 7) Stops film when counter reading matches number indicated on work order for start of first optical effect.

  • 8) Reviews subject matter within film frame and compares to description on work order to ensure match when work order does not include reference numbers.

  • 9) Marks reference frame of film, using film notcher, tape, or other marking device to indicate optical effect starting point.

  • 10) Marks symbols and numbers on film edge or leader to indicate type of effect and length.

  • 11) Advances film to additional reference frames indicated, and marks designated frames to show reference points within individual optical effects.

  • 12) Prepares count sheet indicating position, length, and type of optical effects required for films which do not have prepared specification sheets.

  • 13) Splices strips of leader material to film, and assembles designated segments of film in specified relationship, using splicing device.

  • 14) May confer with clients regarding optical effects requirements and production problems.

  • 15) May determine artwork requirements and requisition artwork.

  • 16) May review and approve finished optical effects.

  • 17) May load and unload film from camera magazine, and mount and remove magazines from camera.

  • 18) May change subtitle cards when filming subtitles.




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Job Number: 6965