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Job Description:

  • 1) Photographs medical phenomena of eye to document diseases, surgeries, treatments, and congenital problems, to aid OPHTHALMOLOGIST in diagnosis and treatment of eye disorders: Focuses specialized microscope and cameras to take two- and three-dimensional photographs of external, anterior, and posterior segments of eye.

  • 2) Monitors patient's gaze through lens of microscope and camera to ensure that patient complies with instructions to obtain desired results.

  • 3) Selects filters to modify light.

  • 4) Injects contrast medium into vein of patient and photographs fluorescent dye as it flows through retina or iris vessels to obtain angiogram of eye.

  • 5) Develops exposed film, and mounts and labels slides for inclusion on patient's medical chart.

  • 6) May photograph eye to document research studies.




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End Of Job Description for: "OPHTHALMIC PHOTOGRAPHER"
DOT:   143.362-014

Job Number: 6961