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Job Description:

  • 1) Conducts analyses of management and operational problems and formulates mathematical or simulation models of problem for solution by computers or other methods: Analyzes problem in terms of management information and conceptualizes and defines problem.

  • 2) Studies information and selects plan from competitive proposals that affords maximum probability of profit or effectiveness in relation to cost or risk.

  • 3) Prepares model of problem in form of one or several equations that relates constants and variables, restrictions, alternatives, conflicting objectives and their numerical parameters.

  • 4) Defines data requirements and gathers and validates information applying judgment and statistical tests.

  • 5) Specifies manipulative or computational methods to be applied to model.

  • 6) Performs validation and testing of model to ensure adequacy, or determines need for reformulation.

  • 7) Prepares reports to management defining problem, evaluation, and possible solution.

  • 8) Evaluates implementation and effectiveness of research.

  • 9) May design, conduct, and evaluate experimental operational models where insufficient data exists to formulate model.

  • 10) May specialize in research and preparation of contract proposals specifying competence of organization to perform research, development, or production work.

  • 11) May develop and apply time and cost networks, such as Program Evaluation and Review Techniques, to plan and control large projects.

  • 12) May work in association with engineers, scientists, and management personnel in business, government, health, transportation, energy, manufacturing, environmental sciences or other technologies.




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DOT:   020.067-018

Job Number: 6956