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Job Description:

  • 1) Conducts final operational testing and troubleshooting of entire electrical, hydraulic, oxygen, pneumatic, fuel, surface control and rigging systems, and component parts installed in aircraft, under simulated flight conditions, according to blueprints, diagrams, engineering documents, and specifications, using precision instruments and test equipment: Locates and disassembles structural, mechanical, electrical, or other parts and assemblies to facilitate testing, using blueprints, diagrams, handtools, and power tools.

  • 2) Attaches fittings, clamps, lines, and hoses to test equipment, such as hydraulic test bench, pressure or vacuum test cart, and fuel quantity calibration equipment, and connects test equipment to system components to be tested.

  • 3) Operates test consoles, test equipment, and aircraft controls, or observes operation of system components, such as control surfaces and landing gear, being operated by other workers to determine system performance under simulated flight conditions.

  • 4) Communicates with other workers during system checkout, using radio headset or other communication device.

  • 5) Operates steering cart or aircraft controls to move aircraft.

  • 6) Interprets and analyzes test results to diagnose malfunctions.

  • 7) Adjusts, replaces, or repairs defective components, or documents rework to be completed by others.

  • 8) Records operational test and rework information.

  • 9) Fabricates test aids as required.

  • 10) May perform operational testing of specific electrical, mechanical, or other aircraft system and be designated Checkout Mechanic, Hydraulic And Rigging; Electrical Checkout Mechanic; Mechanic, Electrical Operational Test; Mechanic, General Operational Test.




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