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Job Description:

  • 1) Unpacks, verifies, and repacks mail shipments of imported merchandise to assure compliance with federal revenue laws and U.

  • 2) S.

  • 3) Customs Service Regulations: Determines containers to open, according to nature of merchandise, country of origin, and shipper.

  • 4) Unpacks containers and visually verifies identity and quantity of merchandise against declaration or invoice.

  • 5) Weighs and measures commodities.

  • 6) May write descriptive verification as compared with declaration or invoice.

  • 7) Lists damaged goods.

  • 8) Records evidence of tampering, pilfering, shortages, excesses, or other unusual condition of merchandise.

  • 9) Inspects goods for violations of marking, trademark, or copyright regulations.

  • 10) Inspects containers for contraband and smuggled goods.

  • 11) May disassemble and drill into merchandise and containers suspected of containing contraband or undeclared items, using handtools and electric power drill.

  • 12) Records date, name, and address of importer or sender on mail entry form.

  • 13) Unpacks and lays out representative samples of merchandise for examination by CUSTOMS IMPORT SPECIALIST.

  • 14) Repacks merchandise after examination, for release to postal service and subsequent delivery.

  • 15) Attaches envelope containing completed mail entry form to container.

  • 16) Hand stamps container to indicate examination completed and need to collect duty.

  • 17) May testify during court appeals by importers.




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DOT:   168.387-010

Job Number: 6949