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Job Description:

  • 1) Oils and greases moving parts of friction surfaces of mechanical equipment, such as shaft and motor bearings, sprockets, drive chains, gears, and pulleys, according to specified procedures and oral instructions: Fills container, such as oilcan, grease gun, or tank of lubrication truck with specified lubricant.

  • 2) Squirts or pours oil on moving parts and friction surfaces, or into holes, oil cups, or reservoirs.

  • 3) Turns oil cup valves to regulate flow of oil to moving parts.

  • 4) Forces grease into bearings with grease-gun, smears grease on friction surfaces, or packs grease cups by hand.

  • 5) Fills wells and sumps of lubricating systems with oil.

  • 6) Reports machinery defects or malfunctions to supervisor.

  • 7) May clean machines, sweep floors, and transport stock.

  • 8) May be specified according to type of machine or equipment lubricated.

  • 9) May tend machine that automatically oils parts.




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