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Job Description:

  • 1) Separates edible portions of animal viscera from offal, performing any combination of following tasks: Cuts away such organs and glands from adjoining tissue as heart, sweetbreads, stomach, spleen, gall bladder, liver, and thyroid, using knife.

  • 2) Skins outer tissue of bung gut with fingers.

  • 3) Washes parts and places them in containers.

  • 4) Cuts off ends of oxtails and trims loose tissues, using knife and rotary brush.

  • 5) Trims excess fat and tissue from muscles, intestines, and organs, using knife.

  • 6) Separates membrane from gullet and windpipe, inner lining from stomach, and small intestines from large.

  • 7) Flushes intestines and bladders with water hose and squeezes them to remove water, slime, and foreign matter.

  • 8) Weighs and sorts viscera, according to condition, and discards diseased or damaged parts.

  • 9) Bleaches casings by soaking them in salt solution.

  • 10) Stamps plant identification number on edible organs, using rubber stamp.

  • 11) Brands tails and tongues with electric iron.

  • 12) May tend machine that washes viscera and flesh parts.

  • 13) May grind meat.

  • 14) May be known according to functions performed or part of viscera processed as Beef-Pluck Trimmer; Bladder Trimmer; Bung Grader; Casing Puller; Liver Trimmer; Lung Splitter; Viscera Washer.




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