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Job Description:

  • 1) Tends equipment that roasts, blanches, and cleans shelled nuts: Sets temperature and time controls on oven for roasting process.

  • 2) Fills trays with nuts by hand and places trays in oven, or dumps nuts into feeder bin of screen conveyorized cooker or rotary drum in oven.

  • 3) Removes sample of nuts from oven, using spoon, compares nuts with color standard, and adjusts time and temperature controls of oven to ensure specified roasting.

  • 4) Removes specified number of trays of roasted nuts from oven for further processing, or pulls lever to empty roasted nuts from rotary oven into bin.

  • 5) Smooths out nuts in bin, using rake.

  • 6) Pushes bin over forced draft air vent to cool nuts.

  • 7) Tilts bin by hand or by hoist to dump cooled nuts into hopper of machines that remove skins, sprouts, stones, shell particles, and dirt, and starts machine.

  • 8) May immerse and roast nuts in hot oil bath.

  • 9) May coat nuts with liquid gum arabic prior to roasting to provide adhesive surface for salt.

  • 10) May sprinkle nuts with salt, garlic, cheese, or other seasonings by hand or by using automatic equipment.

  • 11) May pack nuts in bags or sacks.

  • 12) May be designated according to kind of nut roasted as Almond Roaster; Peanut Roaster; or according to whether oil is used as Dry Roaster; Wet Roaster.




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Job Number: 6885