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Job Description:

  • 1) Provides health care services to students: Plans school health program, in cooperation with medical authority and administrative school personnel.

  • 2) Participates in medical examinations and reviews findings to evaluate health status of pupils and progress of program.

  • 3) Instructs classes in subjects, such as child care, first aid, and home nursing, and establishes nursing policies to meet emergencies.

  • 4) Cooperates with school personnel in identifying and meeting social, emotional, and physical needs of school children.

  • 5) Administers immunizations, provides first-aid, and maintains health records of students.

  • 6) Counsels students in good health habits.

  • 7) Works with community agencies in planning facilities to meet needs of children outside school situation.

  • 8) May assist in program for care of handicapped children.

  • 9) May work in college and be designated Nurse, College.




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