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Job Description:

  • 1) Provides medical care and treatment to obstetrical patients under supervision of OBSTETRICIAN, delivers babies, and instructs patients in prenatal and postnatal health practices: Participates in initial examination of obstetrical patient, and is assigned responsibility for care, treatment, and delivery of patient.

  • 2) Examines patient during pregnancy, utilizing physical findings, laboratory test results, and patient's statements to evaluate condition and ensure that patient's progress is normal.

  • 3) Discusses case with OBSTETRICIAN to assure observation of specified practices.

  • 4) Instructs patient in diet and prenatal health practices.

  • 5) Stays with patient during labor to reassure patient and to administer medication.

  • 6) Delivers infant and performs postpartum examinations and treatments to ensure that patient and infant are responding normally.

  • 7) When deviations from standard are encountered during pregnancy or delivery, administers stipulated emergency measures, and arranges for immediate contact of OBSTETRICIAN.

  • 8) Visits patient during postpartum period in hospital and at home to instruct patient in care of self and infant and examine patient.

  • 9) Maintains records of cases for inclusion in establishment file.

  • 10) Conducts classes for groups of patients and families to provide information concerning pregnancy, childbirth, and family orientation.

  • 11) May direct activities of other workers.

  • 12) May instruct in midwifery in establishment providing such training.




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