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Job Description:

  • 1) Tends series of machines that mix, knead, roll, and cut dough to make noodles: Weighs and measures specified ingredients according to standard formulas, and dumps them into mixing machine.

  • 2) Moves lever to empty mixed ingredients into kneading machine.

  • 3) Feeds kneaded dough into rolling machine that forms dough into sheet and winds sheet into roll.

  • 4) Turns knob to regulate roller clearance and dusts rolled sheet with cornstarch.

  • 5) Inserts end of sheet into feed rollers of cutting machine that slits sheet into strands.

  • 6) Slides rod under emerging strands to drape strands over rod.

  • 7) Pulls lever to cut strands to specified length and hangs filled rod on rack.

  • 8) Pushes rack into drying room, and sets thermostat to specified temperature.

  • 9) Feels and observes consistency of product throughout operation to control quality and processing time.

  • 10) May cut noodles into packaging lengths, using knife.

  • 11) May weigh and wrap noodles in cellophane or pack them in cartons.




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