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Job Description:

  • 1) Conducts radiographic, penetrant, ultrasonic, and magnetic particle tests on metal parts to determine if parts meet nondestructive specifications: Reviews test orders to determine type of test requested, test procedures to follow, and part acceptability criteria.

  • 2) Applies agents, such as cleaners, penetrants, and developers, and couplant, to parts, or heats parts in oven, to prepare parts for testing.

  • 3) Determines test equipment settings according to type of metal, thickness, distance from test equipment, and related variables, using standard formulas.

  • 4) Calibrates test equipment, such as magnetic particle, x-ray, and ultrasonic contact machines, to standard settings, following manual instructions.

  • 5) Sets up equipment to perform tests, and conducts tests on parts, following procedures established for specified tests performed.

  • 6) Examines surface-treated materials during penetrant and magnetic particle tests to locate and identify cracks or other defects, using black light.

  • 7) Moves transducer probe across part when conducting ultrasonic tests and observes CRT screen to detect and locate discontinuities in metal structure.

  • 8) Examines film when conducting radiographic tests to locate structural or welding flaws.

  • 9) Marks tested parts to indicate defective areas.

  • 10) Evaluates test results against designated standards, utilizing knowledge of metals and testing experience.

  • 11) Prepares reports outlining findings and conclusions.

  • 12) May perform similar tests on nonmetallic parts or structures.




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