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Job Description:

  • 1) Assembles wooden products, such as boxes, packing cases, kegs, pallets, furniture frames, door and window units, and hogshead subassemblies, using handtools: Positions workpiece on table, floor, easel, or jig, according to verbal instructions, and nails or staples materials together at designated points, using hammer, pneumatic gun, or staple gun.

  • 2) Drives nails in carvings, molding, and scroll work, using hammer, before attaching to furniture.

  • 3) Attaches metal cleats to bottoms of nail kegs to reinforce containers, using hammer and nails.

  • 4) Clinches exposed nail ends and places assembled unit aside for further processing or shipment.

  • 5) May insert bolts in predrilled holes and tighten bolts with wrench.

  • 6) May glue joints before nailing.

  • 7) May record production.

  • 8) May repair containers and be designated Box Repairer.

  • 9) May be designated according to product assembled as Box Maker, Wood; Panel Maker.




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Job Number: 6768