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Job Description:

  • 1) Operates self-propelled grader to spread and level dirt, gravel, and stone, to grade specifications in construction and maintenance of earthwork structures, such as highways, streets, airports, dikes, and temporary roads: Drives grader and moves levers to regulate height and angle of grader blade, lower scarifier that loosens packed soil to permit grading, and to tilt front wheels of grader when making sharp turns.

  • 2) Drives grader in successive passes over working area, observing reference stakes or hand signals of assisting worker, to level surface to specified grade.

  • 3) Feels lever and listens to sound of engine to determine depth of cut.

  • 4) May perform fine or rough grading and be designated Motor Grader, Fine Grade; Motor Grader, Rough Grade.

  • 5) May operate tractor drawn grader to cut and smooth subgrade on street and highway paving projects and be designated Subgrader Operator.




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End Of Job Description for: "MOTOR-GRADER OPERATOR"
DOT:   850.663-022

Job Number: 6720