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Job Description:

  • 1) Cuts, shapes, and sets blocks of colored glass, enamel, marble, or ceramic tile for installation on walls, ceilings, or panels or for use as table tops or decorative screens, according to specifications: Brushes glue over surface of manila paper on which sections of design have been drawn in reverse, according to full-size drawings and tile charts.

  • 2) Selects color and type of tile specified for section according to tile charts.

  • 3) Cuts or breaks tile to shape and size, using hand-cutters and hammer.

  • 4) Positions tile, finished-side down, on glue-covered paper, using fingers or tweezers.

  • 5) Applies completed tile sections to surface previously covered with mastic cement and removes manila paper.

  • 6) Applies colored cement grout to seal joints of tile after section has been installed and washes surface with damp cloth.

  • 7) May apply tile to wall, ceiling, or panels on which design has been drawn.




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Job Number: 6703