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Job Description:

  • 1) Verifies, compiles, and types application information for mortgage loans: Reviews residential loan application file to verify that application data is complete and meets establishment standards, including type and amount of mortgage, borrower assets, liabilities, and length of employment.

  • 2) Recommends that loan not meeting standards be denied.

  • 3) Calls or writes credit bureau and employer to verify accuracy of information.

  • 4) Types loan application forms, using computer.

  • 5) Calls specified companies to obtain property abstract, survey, and appraisal.

  • 6) Informs supervisor of discrepancies in title or survey.

  • 7) Submits mortgage loan application file for underwriting approval.

  • 8) Types and mails approval and denial letters to applicants.

  • 9) Submits approved mortgage loan file to MORTGAGE LOAN CLOSER for settlement.

  • 10) Records data on status of loans, including number of new applications and loans approved, canceled, or denied, using computer.




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End Of Job Description for: "MORTGAGE LOAN PROCESSOR"
DOT:   249.362-022

Job Number: 6696