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Job Description:

  • 1) Casts male dies used in stamping aircraft parts from sheet metal: Operates hoist to position female dies on foundry floor.

  • 2) Clamps metal and plywood strips around die to form mold.

  • 3) Shapes mold to specified contours with sand, using trowel and related tools.

  • 4) Tilts melting pot or uses ladle to pour molten alloy into sand mold.

  • 5) Places metal jig with anchor bolts attached, or similar insert setup, over mold and into molten metal in prescribed manner to attach anchor bolts to punch.

  • 6) May smooth dies.

  • 7) May preheat dies, using blowtorch or other equipment.

  • 8) May apply parting compound to dies.

  • 9) May operate furnaces and ovens.




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End Of Job Description for: "MOLDER, PUNCH"
DOT:   502.381-014

Job Number: 6660