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Job Description:

  • 1) Molds odd-shaped brick, pipe, and other refractory products, using hand-molding tools: Kneads gobs of clay or silica mud to form molding mixture.

  • 2) Obtains specified mold from storage, or assembles molds, when necessary according to specifications.

  • 3) Brushes mold cavity with oil or hot wax to prevent casting from sticking to mold.

  • 4) Packs molding mixture into mold and tamps it with hand or automatic tamper.

  • 5) Removes excess mixture from top of mold, using wire or straightedge.

  • 6) Lifts and overturns mold on steel pallet to remove product.

  • 7) Finishes and smooths product, using hand-molding tools.

  • 8) Throws sand on casting to prevent bonding during subsequent firing.

  • 9) Stamps identifying code on product.

  • 10) Cleans and oils used molds.

  • 11) May tend pug mill that mixes clay or silica mud to form molding mixture.

  • 12) May place molds in furnace to cure.

  • 13) May stamp surface of refractory products, prior to curing, to impart specified pattern, using handtool.

  • 14) May embed heater coils wound through ceramic heaters with mud, and bake units to dry mud and be designated Embedder.

  • 15) May be designated according to product molded as Brick-Molder, Hand; Pipe-Fittings Molder; Pot Maker; Shape-Brick Molder; Tile-Molder, Hand; or according to material used as Adobe Maker; Soft-Mud Molder.




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