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Job Description:

  • 1) Tends batch-mixing equipment that blends raw ingredients, such as sand, soda ash, cullet and others for use in making glass or fiberglass yarn, by one of following methods: Weighs specified amounts of ingredients on scale.

  • 2) Dumps ingredients into mixing machine and starts machine to blend ingredients.

  • 3) Pulls lever to unload mass into batch wagon for transport to small-batch, pot furnaces.

  • 4) Monitors and regulates automatic mixing and feeding equipment that supplies blended ingredients to continuous-operation furnace.

  • 5) Sets controls on instrument panel regulating equipment which automatically discharges ingredients onto scales and weighs and blends ingredients in specified ratios.

  • 6) Pushes button to start discharging, weighing, mixing, and feeding equipment.

  • 7) Observes control panel instruments to monitor operations and manually overrides controls in case of malfunction.

  • 8) May weigh trace elements on balance scale, and add them to batch mix.

  • 9) May record batch number, mixer, and other production data.

  • 10) May drive forklift to transport containers of ingredients.




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