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Job Description:

  • 1) Tends numerically controlled equipment that automatically mixes oil, water, and mixture of grain products to make dough used in production of snack foods: Reads chart to determine time intervals and sequence for adding oil and water and length of mixing cycle.

  • 2) Pulls knobs to activate control panel and observes lights and dials to verify that panel is functioning.

  • 3) Inspects sections of mixing equipment, such as agitator blades, drum of mixer, and feed hopper to verify that equipment is clean.

  • 4) Adds emulsifier and contents of oil drum into reservoir prior to mixing process, using air-powered pump.

  • 5) Selects and pushes wheeled container of preweighed mixture of grain products or dough scrap into automatic locking device of mixer elevator.

  • 6) Presses specified buttons on control panel to purge air from oil and water lines, open drum door of mixer, raise and dump contents of container into mixer, and activate mixer.

  • 7) Observes digital timer and presses buttons at specified intervals to add predetermined amounts of oil and water, stop mixing process, and dispense dough onto conveyor for further processing.

  • 8) Observes oil and water pipes during mixing process to ensure that oil and water are flowing into mixer.

  • 9) Feels dough on conveyor to detect defects, such as excessively dry, moist, or lumpy dough.

  • 10) Scoops cup of dough from initial batch of mix for quality assurance testing.

  • 11) Notifies supervisor of dough not meeting mixing standards and of equipment malfunction.




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